What Makes Men’s Wedding Rings Different From Ladies Wedding Rings

Have you ever wondered what makes men’s wedding rings different from ladies’ wedding rings? Well, there are plenty of differences although it might not be too obvious. Traditionally, one would be able to buy both rings in one set so the designs complement each other. Nowadays, men have several options available to them and one would be able to choose the design they want based on what they prefer.

Traditional Wedding Sets

These are traditional sets of wedding jewellery which include a pair of engagement and wedding rings. The engagement ring complements the wedding ring so that when one wears both rings, they fit together as one. This is the same as that of the male version of the set. Designs can vary from classic plain or simple bands, to rings with stones set on it. Getting a traditional wedding set is much cheaper compared to buying them separately as jewelry stores do offer discounts if one buys the rings by the set.

Modern Wedding Sets

The advent of technology makes designs limitless and couples have more options with their rings now. Men who prefer simple designs can opt to have theirs crafted in a simple manner and yet complement the rings of their wives which are more flamboyant or flashy. Some can have theirs set with diamonds and even have them engraved. Some jewelry stores also provide personalized services where couples can give their designs and the shop will create it in 3D. Couples then have the opportunity to view their rings before having it made; although a bit expensive, it is preferred by many who want to make their rings unique and special.

Choosing Your Rings

Rings can be worn by both genders and in fact, it is quite common although some prefer to stick to traditional designs and styles. Male rings are broader at about 4mm to 8mm wide as male fingers are bigger than females. 


Men’s wedding rings are often made of gold, titanium, platinum and tungsten carbide. Gold is a popular choice as this is the more affordable than the other metals. With that said, gold rings can also be expensive if combined with other gold color as well as the gold carat proportion of the ring. Men’s gold rings tend to weigh 10, 14 and 18kt whereas women’s rings usually are much higher depending on the couple’s budget. Titanium is ideal for the guy as it is one of the hardest metals in the world and at the same time the silver greyish color of the metal gives it a mannish look compared to a gold ring. Some women would also have theirs crafted from titanium as the metal is scratch resistant and allergy free. It is also lightweight and very strong though it can no longer be resized unlike gold rings. Tungsten and platinum are two other metals that are preferred by men because it is heavier which makes it more solid and also scratch proof which many men prefer.


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