5 Reasons for Choosing CAD Drafting Over the Manual Drafts

CAD or Computer Aided Design has revolutionized the world of drafting by becoming a primary source of communication with the help of the designing intents. In the bygone days, paper and pencils were the only sources which people used for creating sketches. This goes without saying that this process was tremendously time-consuming as well as repetitive. However, the advent of the computers has changed the traditional mode and what we get today is a much simpler way of doing things.

Below are enlisted some of the reasons why we choose the Computer Aided Designing over the manual counterparts.


  • Easy accessibility and storage – One of the greatest advantages of using this, is that it does not need to be stored in folders which take up lots of space. The computer server is all you need to store these, and you can also get access to these with the help of an internet connection. drafting services Thus, it is not only an environmental-friendly but it also decreases the chance of losing the drafts.
  • The 3D structure of the visuals – It goes without saying that unlike the preceding years the 3D effect now breathes life into any object. Though it is always possible to create these manually, the look and feel of the object will never be as realistic as the one that you will get using the AutoCAD software. Moreover, if you this process it will be quicker and much more hassle free.
  • Editing – Most of the sketches require modifications after they have been created. As a result, you need to erase and modify your work several times, and if done on paper it is quite a tiring process. But with this new software you can accomplish this with just a click of the mouse. You can redraw easily with the features like mirror, stretch, scale, rotate, etc. All these are not possible in the traditional method.
  • Speeds up the task – As is expected technology always makes your job easier and faster. This is not an exception to that trend. You can paint the lines with just a few clicks of the mouse, and since the iterative process can be avoided with the new technology, you also save a lot of time.
  • Accuracy is guaranteed – With this form of technicalities one thing is guaranteed, and that is accuracy. Formerly you needed to measure the drawing a number of times because even the slightest mistake can bring down the entire project. But with the modern techniques you don’t have to worry about the accuracy.


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