How To Start Your Own Mobile Disco

After having decided that you want to start your Mobile Disco you will no doubt want to get to work as soon as possible and get your teeth right into providing entertainment to the vast numbers of parties, functions and weddings happening every day.

Now arrives my first bit of advice. Don’t rush! There is a lot to think about before you jump in, for example:

What equipment do you need?

How much will it cost?

Where do you advertise?

How much do you charge?

These are just a few of the questions you will be asking yourself and will need to answer before you start. In order to help you through this I will guide you through all aspects of getting your mobile disco on the road.

So you have come up with a name for your business that makes your enterprise seem both entertaining (obviously the key element) but also still professional, in order to make people feel confident in booking you for their function.

Now you need to advertise. The simplest way of advertising is in local directories and phone books at first, and obviously via word of mouth. Have business cards printed up and make sure that at every opportunity you pass them onto potential customers. This is the best way to start, and as most career DJ’s will tell you, bookings create more bookings. Most of a DJ’s business comes from enquiries during or after a function just played.

Most bookings are priced according to the specifics of the function itself. Obviously the larger and longer it is, the more you should charge. On average however for a function lasting 4 hours from 7pm until 11pm for example you would be looking to charge between £120 & £180. Obviously the final price is up to you but the industry can be fairly competitive and you will have to make the function worth the expenditure.

Now, what equipment will you be needing? Clearly you will need some speakers and an amplifier. For most normal size functions up to about 200 people you will need about 500 – 600 watts of power. In simple terms you will need reasonable 15″ Speakers and a 700 Watt amplifier. You can pick up a complete system like this for around about £300. Also you will be needing something to play music off of, most popular is a Dual CD Player and Mixer meaning you can seamlessly mix songs together. You can however find many different ways but for the purposes of this we will go with CD’s. So now you have sorted out the sound, what about lights?

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