Choosing The Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamonds are the foremost gemstone in the world. The tradition of the ring symbolizes love, purity, and power. Diamonds are nearly indestructible and therefore will also provide a long term investment. The saying, “A Diamond is Forever” has the luxury of not only being good advertising but also true. The statement that you would make regarding your future with your girlfriend would be that of a strong and lasting relationship.

The Choices Involved When Looking To Purchase

When buying a diamond engagement ring, it can be a stressful task. Researching before is a great method of relieving that stress. Read reviews of available dealers, talk to friends and family. A friendly and reputable dealer will take a great amount of stress out of the situation.

When choosing a diamond, remember that it is something you will have for the rest of your life. Therefore aim choice toward something that you would have liked in the past and will like in the future. Something that both partners will appreciate.

Things To Know To Evaluate The Diamond Quality

Carat weight, Color, Cut, Clarity are four categories of diamond that determine the value of the actual stone. Carat weight refers to the number of points a diamond has, the larger number of points the larger the cost. Color refers to the amount of pigment in the gem; the more “clear” or pigment free a stone is the higher the value. Cut which differs from shape means the quality in which it was done, mainly proportion. Clarity refers to the number of imperfections in the stone; the imperfections affect the ability of light to shine through the stone. These choices can also be made according to preference but normally they are based on price. They will be more effective in the value of your diamond ring.

Choosing The Setting

The setting could be made out of many metals including platinum, rose gold, yellow, gold, silver or titanium. Along with the diamond make sure you have done research on the band, also taking into account the color that will reflect the stone best. This should also be a preference choice of both partners because just as marriage should be both people should be able to state their preferences.

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