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If you wondering how to drive targeted traffic to your website even if you have a small or non existent marketing budget then this article will hold some valuable information for you.

You can get traffic in 2 different ways:

1. Pay Per Click- Guarantees traffic but can get to be tremendously expensive if you choose the highly sought after keywords

2. Organic traffic- your traffic is generated for free but requires a lot more time and effort.

There will never be just one source that your traffic will come from it requires many different methods, multiple sources/ multiple funnels. Therefore we must think back to when we researched our market niches and the keywords we worked on. What keywords had a high search volume but low CPC (cost per click)? Lets look at PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns first. Patriotcashoffer

PPC Campaigns

A PPC campaign is basically a method of advertising your site in which you ‘Bid’ to display yourself on prominently on the tops and sides of search engine results, as well as on the network of advertisers that display pages on their websites for certain key words or key phrases.

Every time someone clicks on your ad you have to pay the amount you bid (or lower if you bid over the highest value) This is an extremely fast way to build your incoming traffic to your website because you can be immediately displayed in the great positions on the results page of the search engines and throughout many other websites. Cashforhousesillinois

The potential downside to PPC is that they can become very expensive very quickly! If you enter into a bidding war with your competition then you can raise the price both of you pay! Plus if always want the top spot you can end up spending a lot of money for not so many clicks.

What not many people realise is that the top spot isn’t always the best. It can be worth paying less for the number 2 or even 3 spots. Alternatively were certain keywords or key phrases are too expensive you should move on to new ones. So as we talked about in the Day 1 blog post of researching your niche it is a good idea to search for different, slightly less popular of more specific keywords or phrases. This will lower comet onion and costs and who will send more targeted traffic to you website. nevadacashoffer

More targeted traffic = More conversions to sales

Organic traffic

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have gone bankrupt or out of business then its more than likely that you don’t have the budget for a PPC campaign. Don’t worry there are a tonne of free and almost free method of traffic generation which if done correctly can create as much traffic as a expensive PPC campaign without you spending a penny! I have gone into much more detail in the “Get Buyers” section above but I’ll just list the top 4. sellahousefastohio

Article Marketing:- Without doubt one of (if not the) most effective way of generating free traffic. Write informative articles about your chosen subject and then submit them to article websites. You must search engine optimise these articles so they can be indexed by the search engines and the people you a targeting will get to read them. Ensure the articles have something to teach people. If they are impressed then they will visit the site for more of that information, that’s how you get a targeted crowd.

2.Blogging- Blogging can bring in an appreciable amount of free traffic which is targeted. Blog sites are always excellent when it comes to search engine optimisation as there is constantly fresh content added, all of which should be search engine optimised with the right tags and keywords. A blog will also help you build your own social network around your site. Use social network marketing sites like Twitter, MySpace and Facebook to encourage your like minded friend to spread the word. Having a big following of social network friends or followers is fantastic for your building of your list so they are all potential sales leads. sellfastarkansas

To ensure success in getting people to use the website make sure your blogs are rich with information. The higher amount of people that post comments on your blog à the better the visibility o the internet.

3. Social Book marking- An excellent source of organic traffic. When you have written some informative articles and submitted them to the article marketing sites it is a good idea to them submit these to the social book marking sites I.e. Digg, Reddit, Spurl etc. Find about 15 to 20 sites, join up then you can submit them. This gives the members of those sites opportunity to view your articles and share them with their friends on the site or other social networking sites. If you get featured on the front page of Digg for example this literally creates a river of traffic to your site. I found a great site called It allows you to submit the URL of the article or blog post then it distributes it for you to up to 29 social book marking sites for you! Saves loads of time. webuyhousessaltlake

4. Email Marketing- To be put into action when you have a list of targeted leads. Send an interesting informative email. Give some tips or facts that your target audience would be interested in. Keep it non spam-like. Make sure it has the readers best interest in mind. While you are just getting started you will not have a list to sell to. The best way to get around this and tart making some money fast is to “Joint Venture ” with people who are in your chosen niche and already have a web presence and reputation on the web. Email them and ask them if they would like to offer your product to his/her list and you can split the profits of the sales.

This is a great way to get your name out there and associated with a reputable person in the industry.

Thanks for reading

Hi, I’m Mark Paddock. I’m 27 years old and last year I went bankrupt due to the collapse of my smoothie bar chain Smoothie Express. After losing everything including my house I needed a way to make money fast with no set up costs, so I turned to the internet and discovered Information Marketing! I now make my living online, with no commuting, or staff or leases to worry about and am 100 times happier. I now have a blog to help other people who are in the same situation I was in 6 months ago i.e. people who have gone through bankruptcy, gone out of business, Lost a job or simply fallen on financial hardship.


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