Sending Samples With Your Press Release — Should You or Shouldn’t You? Here’s a Guide

When you should send samples with your press release:

1) When the item is very low cost: If the press release
you’re sending is about a product that is under $10.00, you
may want to consider sending a sample of the product to the
editors. Since the item is low cost, it makes sense to send
a sample. Sending a sample can help improve your chances
for getting some free publicity for your company.

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2) When it is a major publication: Another good time to
consider sending a product sample is when you’re dealing
with a major publication. If the publication has a wide
distribution you may want to consider sending them a
sample. When it comes to getting publicity in the top
magazines, it is a good rule of thumb to consider sending
them a product sample. After all, if they decide to run the
release on your product, all it costs you was one product

3) The editor needs a sample for their photography
studio: Many times the editors for larger publications will
have their own in-house photography studio and will want a
sample to photograph at their facilities. In this case by
all means send them a sample as soon as possible.

When you shouldn’t send samples with your press release

1) When editors say they want to see a sample of the
product but they are still on the fence about publishing
your press release: Under these circumstances I would say
hold off on sending a sample. You could always send them a
high resolution image of the product as an alternative.

2) When you send out to multiple publications that have
low visibility: If the magazine has a lower distribution I
would not send a product sample. It can be too expensive to
start sending out product samples to every magazine and
newspaper that makes a request. Instead opt for sending
them a brochure of the product or mail them a CD with the
high resolution image as an alternative.

3) The item’s cost prohibits sending out as a sample: If
the product costs is over $20.00 I would advise only
sending a product sample to the magazines with the highest
distribution. Again, you may get lots of request for
product samples from the editors and you might want to
consider letting the editors know that because the item
costs are so high, you would prefer to send just the high
resolution image of the product. Also, when you send a high
resolution image of the product make sure to take multiple
shots of the item. Show the product from the different
sides or if there are multiple pieces make sure to take
pictures of all the various elements of the product.


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