From Oymyakon to Versailles – The Most Exotic Trips

The German magazine ‘Geo Saison’ has introduced the list of 50 most exotic trips in the world.

The most large-scaled from given tour – is the round-the-world trip. For 9 thousand EUR and 24 days one can get from Frankfurt to Frankfurt, visiting 3 continents.

For 35 thousand dollars one can spend the night in an incredible place – the 7-star hotel Burj al Arab in Dubai. It is the most expensive hotel in the world escort Prague, the floor space of the apartments is 1,2 square meters.

Another unusual proposal – “the museum for oneself.” For example, the rent of one of the halls of Versailles will cost about 8 thousand Euro.

Paying 2,5 thousand EUR one can visit the formal dinner on the occasion of the Nobel prize presentation in Stockholm. By tradition, all the Swedish royal family will be present at this event.

A week-long trip to India with visiting a national wedding ceremony will cost 10 thousand EUR. And the journey to the lost in Cambodian jungle temples of Angkor Wat is estimated at 5 thousand Euro. The initiators of this route do not exclude the possibility that tourists could discover a new archaeological sensation.

6 days behind the wheel of a truck would cost 2 thousand EUR. Accompanied by a professional a tourist can get from Santa Fe to Los Angeles.

Paying 650 dollars the tourists can take a course in ‘driving an elephant’ in Thailand. The teacher will show special controls that the elephant can follow.

And for only 65 Euro, tourists, accompanied by instructors can dip to the sea bottom near Alexandria and admire the sunken treasures of Cleopatra.

At the same time, it will cost 30 thousand EUR to dip to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean in order to see the remains of ‘Titanic’.

For full-valued participation in winter carnivals in Rio de Janeiro, tourists will pay about 6 thousand Euros. Those who would like to will be taught to dance the samba.

The French have invented an interesting entertainment for tourists. They take them to Giverny near Paris, to the garden of the famous French artist Claude Monet. The painting course lasts 8 days and costs 900 EUR.

Berlin Zoo offers its guests night visits. 6 people will pay 3 thousand Euros in order to be in the little house near the cage with hippos. Spending this sum of money tourists will lie on floor mats and taste the dinner for gourmands.

Among the tours throughout Russia, the magazine points out the supersonic ride aboard Russian war-planes (about 14 thousand EUR) and a 5-day excursion through Hermitage for 2 thousand Euros. And paying 5 thousand EUR one can visit Oymyakon – the coldest place on the planet.



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