Getting Your Pup To Sleep

You and your new pup have had a wonderful day, and as far as you’re concerned everything is perfect – then bed time hits.

The first few nights you have your new puppy can be an experience like nothing you’ve encountered before. Here’s some general tips that may help smooth the transition from sleeping with its littermates to sleeping on its own.

Pups should have a warm place to sleep. Never just leave them outside of a night time, instead use the laundry, or outside garden shed etc. Any place that is enclosed and can provide shelter, at least until the dog is older.

Cover the floor with newspaper, this will not only help clean up any over night accidents but will also help when it comes to toilet training. If you’ve used a blanket during the day for your pup to sleep on, put that on the floor as well, using the command of bed during the day will also help when it comes to training and going to bed of a night time. When it comes to going to bed at night, pup blanket if you have an old jumper or other piece of clothing that carries your scent, place that on the blanket as well.

Make sure your pup has plenty of water, a few puppy biscuits and some chew toys. This will help to keep your pup amused during the long hours of the night.

Having a radio, or other low volume noise playing in the background can also be helpful, anything to give your puppy the impression that he is not alone.

Never go in and smack your puppy because he is crying, he’s lonely. Not only is he missing his littermates, but now he’s also missing you. If you do need to go in and try and settle him down, don’t make it a play time – it can encourage bad habits. Go in and settle him then leave him alone again.

When morning eventually comes (and sometimes it can seem like an extraordinarily long night) go in and praise him and take him outside(or other assigned area) to do his business.

These are just some general tips that may prove helpful. Just remember that puppies will learn what’s right and wrong fairly quickly so always praise them when they do the right thing. It won’t be long before you’re once again having a peaceful nights sleep.


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